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1. Content writing

Find out how we helped our Manufacturing client setup a Content Marketing Initiative

BCI are an official Partner with SAP. Our unique business model of low cost & high value support contract for companies using SAP can save them a great deal of cost.

  • Our client is located in Ontario, Canada.

  • They are involved in manufacturing make-to-order  and make-to-stock products

  • We have been engaged in a long-term SAP support contract with them since 2018

  • Their incumbent SAP support vendor was gouging them on price

  • We started working with them and were able to save them  50 % on their annual SAP Support Budget

Digital Marketing Success Story: About Us
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2. SAP-EDI integration

We cut our client's Vendor Invoicing costs by 50% with EDI Invoicing

BCI is an official Partner of SAP. 

  • we saved our client almost 50% in their vendor invoicing efforts by successfully implementing EDI Invoicing 

  • Their Accounts Payable department does not have to manually enter invoices into SAP after this project

  • As a result, they could re-deploy their headcount on other activities.

Digital Marketing Success Story: About Us
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