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Data Analytics Wisdom : KPI Reports

Why do companies need KPI reports ?

They say what cannot be measured, cannot be improved. Many of our clients struggled to streamline their operations till they decided to institute a KPI report to measure the health of their business.

For example - a manufacturing business needs to know:

  • how many orders it receives

  • what % or value of these orders it is able to fulfill ( with inventory it has)

  • how much product the company produces

  • how many shipments are sent correctly

  • etc.

Which numbers should companies listen to ?

The answer is, it depends on your business.

For example: If yours is a manufacturing business then you can measure the following

  • Sales : How much did you sell ?

  • Inventory availability: Of the sales you made, what % of orders were you able to fulfill with the inventory you had

  • Production : How much inventory were you able to produce to meet the sales demand ?

  • Shipments : Of the inventory you had to meet sales demand, how many shipments did you send ?

How to get to the right data for KPI reports ?

Getting to the right data requires a combination of domain knowledge and technical knowhow. Sometimes you may find it in SAP or other systems in a ready to use format. But more often than not, you will need to get this data in a round about way.

BCI helps you create an automated data pipeline so that your business spends less time on gathering the data and more time analyzing the data. And analysis is where the real magic happens.

  • Whether it is SAP or any other ERP. BCI can help you

  • Whether it is Powe BI, Tableau or any other data visualization tool . BCI can help you

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