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Success Story : Helped client create critical Sales and Production Reports in Power BI

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

Business Objective:

To create a data pipeline to publish SAP data into Power BI

Options considered by client

Option 1: Third party data pipeline tools:

They looked at applications like Talend, Apache airflow etc.

Option 2: Custom ABAP report in SAP:

Other option was to create a custom ABAP report in SAP that would give CSV files as output. These files would then need to be appended to the Power BI database

Chosen option : Custom ABAP report in SAP

Due to organizational reasons, possible doubts about adoption of Power BI and budget constraints the client IT department decided to choose option 2.

Outcome of this project

1. Sales report: We helped the customer show details about their Sales data at very granular level. The report was very informative and received very good reviews from users.

  • For example: categorization of Sales by Customer, Geography, Sales rep, Product, Product family etc.

  • It also showed margin, cost, returns etc,

  • This report was very well received by the Sales Management team. Adoption was fantastic.

2. Production report: We helped the customer's management team to see details about their Production data at granular level. The report requirement was revised to add a few more details (by business). This second version was given an amazing review by users

  • For example: production by plant, manufacturing line, shift, operator , material etc.

  • It also showed scrap, downtime etc.

  • This report was very well received by the Production Managers and the Operations team

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